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BIG EMOTIONS? Managing your child’s big emotions and meltdowns (and let’s be honest, our own sometimes too!) is a tough gig. Join Chantal Hofstee, mum of three and clinical psychologist, in our brand-new online course. Over 6 practical sessions, Chantal will give you tools to help manage stress, build resilience, resolve conflict and in turn increase connection and create mindful boundaries resulting in a calmer and happier home. The beauty of this course is you have access to it for 12 months. Refer back to it, practice the techniques, and make mindful parenting a reality in your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session One

    • Session One - The three brain states

  • 2

    Session Two

    • Session Two - Emotions, their impact and processing them well

  • 3

    Session Three

    • Session Three - Creating meaningful connections

  • 4

    Session Four

    • Session Four - Mindfully setting boundaries

  • 5

    Session Five

    • Session Five - Challenging and shaping our core beliefs

  • 6

    Session Six

    • Session Six - Your mindful family

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