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Online Antenatal Class

Be informed and empowered for labour, birth and BEYOND! Class launches 29 June 2020!

Join Jo and Grace in this empowering antenatal class! You will enjoy learning, interacting and getting the answers to those burning questions about labour, birth and beyond from the comforts of your own home. This is an antenatal class with a difference! We spend 50% of the course talking about the birthing experience and the other 50% talking about AFTER the baby comes. All the information you REALLY need to know. The course is split into 7 sessions, each session has a Q & A period where we answer the most popular questions we get in our courses. Enjoy the pdf course hand outs and supplementary video's in each session as well. Most importantly, come prepared to be well informed, and ready to have a laugh!

Sessions overview

  • 1

    SESSION ONE - Natural Delivery

    • Before we begin...We'd love to get to know a bit about you

    • Meet Jo and Grace - OHbaby! Chat

  • 2

    SESSION TWO - Pain Relief & Assisted Delivery

    • Pain Relief options in labour

  • 3

    SESSION THREE: C-Sections and Week One

    • C-sections

    • The first seven days

  • 4

    SESSION FOUR: Feeding

    • Feeding baby

  • 5

    SESSION FIVE: How to do it

    • How to do it - newborn care

  • 6

    SESSION SIX: That newborn life

    • A day in the life of a newborn

    • The first 12 months

  • 7


    • In it together

    • Newborn sleep tips with Dorothy Waide

Enjoy from the comfort of your home

Relax at home as you learn about labour, birth and beyond! You will also receive...

  • Seven sessions taking you through what to expect and your options during labour and birth.

  • A 12 month subscription to OHbaby! magazine and our pregnancy and baby development emails.

  • Join our closed Facebook group to connect with a community of parents

  • Additional resources around baby care, life with a newborn, sleep and settling baby tips, the first 12 months and more.

  • Looking after mama and baby post birth

  • Receive a goodie bag of products for mama and baby. Plus during the course receive practical advice on what to buy for baby, how to feed, bath, dress and swaddle baby

Course options

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People who have completed the course have loved it

We asked our class participants what they thought here's what they said...

  • "My husband and I found the antenatal class online very informative and we learnt a lot. It was a whole day class but we left the session feeling relaxed and positive. I was able to ask questions in the chat and during the course. I feel much more confident as this lockdown has caused major anxiety. Both Jo and Grace were amazing and I loved how they were very very passionate."

  • We both thought the class was very informative, it was also light-hearted. We feel we have enough information to go on with preparation of what's to come. Shoutout to Grace & Jo for the wonderful class.

  • We really enjoyed the class, thank you. We found it super practical and relevant.

  • We enjoyed the class very much. It was very informative and useful. Both speakers were great and very knowledgeable. It was fun and valuable.

  • Thank you Jo and Grace! You both were great. We were so engaged the entire time and are feeling empowered and prepared. We have lots of amazing content to chat about and loved the focus on relationships and how the partner plays a real role in the entire process. We’d love to jump back on again in the future to touch base and stay in touch with the group.